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Emilio, I don't see a Properties menu item in PP CS6, much less a compatibility tab. Are you talking about the CC version. Now if only someone could figure out how to get the scaling to work when the Adobe product is launched from within another program, like Firefox or my ScanSnap scanner manager… Ferrox Pay attention that after run some programs (Firestorm, SL viewer,in my case) the settings return to be "check" again, I dont know why that happen.

This solution worked perfectly on AutoCAD until I closed program and rebooted, then everything went back to the way it was before. I've checked the registry and the changed is still there.

Apr 15, - Adobe has recently (not) announced that Adobe Acrobat XI is no of Adobe Acrobat, they will have to purchase the new version (Acrobat DC). Jun 9, - Here are a couple of ways to get Adobe Acrobat XI - and some tips for navigating the Adobe store and installing the program after you. does acrobat xi work on IOS - if so where can I access a link to down load.. also I want to buy it, not have have a monthly or annual subscripti.

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And when you look at the difference between kind of maker-movement companies and when you think of maker-movement companies, your listeners may not have anything to visualize.

Think of KickStarter. Or Etsy. If you've ever bought something from Kickstarter, a physical product, that is really an example of the maker-movement industrializing.

That's the venture capital arm of the maker-movement, if you will.

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