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These categories mirror the patterns of childhood play as those divided by gender: dolls and guns. But each gender entails projection and introjection: the dolls category is divided into neonate and adult puppets (like Barbie), while males use guns as well as constructions (like LEGO). Devices built for gamification purposes are similar to normal game devices, but this does not mean a playification of the experience connected with the device, which only relatively depends on objective properties.

Entertainment (in the form of game) is merely the attractive property of those devices, not their function. For example, gamificators build a socialization based on competition, not a socialization granted by competition.

In a gamified activity there is never a free exchange of resources among players, except in order to encourage the frustration of "Ouch.

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You might also find Toybuilder's Filament Monitor to be useful in detecting unexpected filament breaks while printing. You also need a decent spatula for removing prints and a good glue product to stick printed parts together. This is not going to be a static document, rather, based on your feedback, I will be updating it appropriately in future iterations.

S: Thanks to the almighty Joshua White (our Chief Design Officer) for providing beautiful, kick ass header graphics If you thought this was useful, I would appreciate it if you could share it with your fellow 3D Printing geeks by clicking below: 3d printing cheat sheet 3d printing directory 3d printing guide 3d printing reference 3d printing resources astrobox astroprint astroprint vs octoprint mattercontrol octoprint vs astroprint where to buy filament Michael Hausenblas explains how networking and service discovery work in the Docker world, and provides a series of practical solutions for dealing with these challenges.

This is the full ebook Docker Networking and Service Discovery, by Michael Hausenblas.


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