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This complete suite brings together tools that enable users to create, interchange, and deliver standardized technical graphics with accuracy and speed. Users will enjoy the versatility and power included in this new version, allowing them to take on a wide range of technical graphics projects including assembly instructions, user guides, maintenance manuals and floor plans that can be outputted to various media, such as print, online and interactive electronic technical manuals IETMs.

A specialized application for precision vector drawing, page layout, and diagramming that meet the demands of professional technical illustrators. An application to quickly transform 3D designs into accurate 2D graphics and to leverage existing CAD assets. A renowned and intuitive vector- illustration and page-layout application giving technical illustrators and technical graphics users an additional creative toolset. A professional image-editing application to quickly and easily retouch and enhance photos.

A utility to quickly and accurately convert bitmaps, such as scanned blueprints, into editable vector graphics. A one-click screen capture utility to capture images from a computer screen. A full-screen browser to search digital content on local networks or online sources to quickly find content to compliment a design. Support for leading formats including WebCGM 2. Also included in the suite is Corel CONNECT, to search digital content on local networks or online sources to quickly find content to complement a design.

In addition to a wide range of color enhancements and advanced technical design and callout tools, the suite includes an enhanced professional image-editing application and the creative design power of CorelDRAW X5 to complement the technical graphic workflow. For a detailed list of features and to find out more about the advanced 3D CAD features and to unlock additional industry standards in Deep Exploration 6 CCE, please visit www. You can also find us on Facebook; www.

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Packaged with CorelDraw, Corel Designer is a cost effective package for 2-D technical illustration. This current generation is easier use than prior offerings, but. Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 is the most complete and cost-effective solution for visual technical communication. Start projects quickly from virtually any. Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 - box pack (upgrade) - 1 user overview and full product specs on CNET.

Buy Designer Technical Suite X5 price

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