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It even attempts to recognize text, with surprising accuracy, enabling copy and paste functionality! My only grievance, if you can call it that, is the automation of the scan functionality This means that you might have scans of the same document by the time you have everything perfectly straight, positioned, and in focus. Overall, this is a fantastic app, and I look forward to new features as they come. CrossFire Legal Docs. Excellent tool! Incredibly handy, effective, and helpful. With this app on the go, you could literally work from the tailgate of your truck if you had to. If you can hold your tablet or phone steady for pictures, then you can scan with this. Not to mention all the extra tools and features.

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Select an article: Applies to: Stock Contributor This page describes how you can benefit from contributing your photography, video, vector art, and illustrations to Adobe Stock. Some of the many benefits Create content you can be proud of: Whether you make vector art of animals, shoot photographs of tasty meals, or film underwater, we help you earn money doing what you love.

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