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This is why Revit content libraries takes a long time to install November 5, by Edwin Prakoso 5 Comments When you try to install Revit , you may find it takes a very long time when it gets to Revit content libraries. You may also find that the library folder is empty or not complete. The reason is the installer downloads the Revit contents when you run the installer. Depends on your internet connection speed and the contents you selected, it can take hours to complete the installation.

I find this quite annoying, even after downloading a huge installer we still need to download the content. And sadly, there is no direct download link so we can download Revit contents separately. I found that using browser download is much more reliable. Make sure you have good internet connection when you do this. Probably the best time is before leaving office and just leave your computer on overnight.

Installing on multiple computers Downloading the contents on single computer is annoying. These are the workaround that I suggest you to avoid downloading the Revit content libraries. When you need to install it on other computer, unplug the network cable or disable the internet connection. After the installation is completed, you can copy the contents from the first computer to other computers. The default location for Revit contents is C: Copy the whole folder to the new computer.

After you copy the files, you need to change the file location settings to the contents folder. The alternative is to copy the contents to server and set the Revit file location to that shared folders. Upgrade your old contents If you have older version of Revit you can just upgrade the old default contents to Revit version. You will need to do this for your custom contents anyway.

There are two ways to do this easily. Content Batch Utility Revit provides content batch utility to allow you upgrade multiple files automatically. Revit will open the file and save it without you need to do the operation for each file. You can find the utility in the installation folder below: This plugin do exactly the same with Content Batch Utility, but provides UI to allow you do it easily.

You can download it in Autodesk Exchange Apps here. You will download the files during installation. Especially if you choose many contents to install. This however, is not fun when you need to install on multiple computers. You can copy and configure the file location later, which is much more faster than downloading it on each computer.

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