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A green check mark will be displayed next to all program modules that are fully functional. A red exclamation point or orange notification icon is displayed if a module needs attention. Additional information about the module, including our recommendation about how to restore full functionality is shown in the upper part of the window.

To change a module's status, click Setup in the main menu and then click the desired module. The red exclamation point! You may encounter this type of notification in the following scenarios: Update the detection engine. The program is not able to update after the license expires. We recommend that you follow the instructions in the alert window to renew your license. Your computer is not protected against some types of threats and protection should be re-enabled immediately by clicking Enable HIPS.

Your computer is not protected against threats. Click Enable Real-time protection re-enable this functionality. The orange "i" indicates that your ESET product requires attention for a non-critical problem.

Possible reasons include: After your license expires, the program will not be able to update and the Protection status icon will turn red. It identifies spyware and eliminates security threats. Without downloading the app it's impossible to use the service. Plus, all Nod32 antivirus databases are available online and you need a stable Internet connection for scanning. A special module starts downloading on your computer. Launch it and agree to the terms of antivirus usage.

Nod32 online scanner settings You can enable potentially undesirable apps detection in the settings. It isn't required and, as a rule, its activation can trigger a false alarm.

However, it won't cause any damage and actually will just make you double-check those apps: All the other scanner settings we advise to leave untouched, and then click on "Scan" button. Eset nod32 online scanner: The exact time of scanning isn't displayed immediately and is changed over time.

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The primary window on the right displays information that corresponds to the option selected from the main menu on the left. The following is a description of options within the main menu: Computer scan — This option allows you to configure and launch of Smart scan, Custom scan, or Removable media scan. You can also repeat the last scan that was run.


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