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Guarantees safe surfing on the net by shielding it from varies risk. Its size is insignificant and works quickly. Updates are promptly accessible and its interface is basic. Its IM Antivirus include similarly secures informing applications. Squares changes that you have not endorsed on your record framework. Its checking is super-quick. Sends coming into your inbox are examined to dispose of conceivable infections and different dangers.

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Even in this scenario, it is not possible to transfer the remaining Client AV licenses from one service to another. Does Kaspersky Anti-Virus Clients have centralized policy management and reporting tool? Yes, Kaspersky Anti-Virus Clients can be managed using the????? What is the DAT update frequency set by default? By default the DAT update frequency on the client is set to once every 4 hours Can we change the DAT update frequency?

What browsers does EPRS support? IE and Firefox The EPRS server page is displayed. Yes, Admin. Scheduled scans can be configured as a File scans. For File scans, administrators can configure settings, exclusions, inclusions, and schedule settings. Select the checkbox for each client you wish to block, and then click Block Client s.

Click OK in the confirmation dialog box. This allows EPRS to recover a license back into the pool. From this point on, there is NO AV protection on the client machine. If this client is behind a SonicWall UTM appliance that is enforcing client anti-virus, then this client is not allowed to access the Internet.

Is it possible to restore deleted files from quarantine, either from Cleaning Mode drop-down list or otherwise? In SEC 1. PreDetect is the first stage in a detection process if the file is found suspicious. The AV engine will try to disinfect the file and if that fails, the file will be deleted because the mode is Clean and Delete. Is it possible for users to pause or stop the protection of a workstation?

It is possible but as it is not straightforward AV will always be running on the user's workstation. KillFiles is detected in the Wise Package Studio 6. Exclude this file or the folder containing this file in OnAccess Scan under Policies.


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