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All features ran fine until I changed to Windows 7. What I am afraid of is than if I try a reinstall I will lose the add-ins. I contacted PTC and asked if there was a problem with M14 and Windows 7. They answered back that they don't support M14 running under 7 and told me to either upgrade to M15 or go back to Windows XP. This was news to me. Once I got MC 14 installed, I did have two problems. One was that "print preview" crashes, but that is solved by installing the patch (M) - search forum on "Print Preview crashes" for more info. The other was gettin the help files in folders where MathCad could . Jan 20,  · 2) I downloaded the xbffug.me file from PTC's website for Mathcad It is under their support page. It is the de-bugged version of Mathcad I extracted all of the files into the new file folder with a short name.

Tip for Re-Installling MathCad 14 or 15? OP 13 Jan 12 You do not need to be on support to do this. You only need to be on support to get known bugs fixed! I am using a node locked installation and do not run the Flexnet software server on my computer. I received via email a license file named in the format lmxxxxxxxx. MathCad installed OK and on first startup asked where the license file was. I directed it to C: It kept suggesting I request another license file from PTC, which I did serveral times and got a new license file each time repeating the this useless loop. Mathcad was looking for a file called license.

Solved: After a "clean" install of MathCad M on Win 7 Professional I had a similar problem with installing Mathcad 14 M on clean Windows 7. Feb 25, - I found the solution to the problem mentioned: The problem is that MathCad 14 does not work correctly under windows 7 (32 and 64). The. Nov 3, - Solved: I've recently reloaded MathCad 14 onto my re-imaged Windows 7 computer on which it used to operate but the program will not start up.

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