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What is Microsoft Project? A Quick History. Kirstin Miller Today, anyone searching for project management software can choose from dozens of options and alternatives. Those include older, local-based programs or shiny new cloud-service solutions. You can get lost in the many options available. In fact, you would have been hard pressed to find one or two products on the market just thirty years ago.

Microsoft Office Project Service Pack 1, 7/27/, Not Applicable, Not Applicable, 10/10/, See the latest Service Pack listing for this product for the. Guide to What is Microsoft Project Management?. Here we discussed the origin and various Software in Microsoft Project Management. (Not really an option for MS project files though.) Another nice thing about Why do you want to look at historical versions of a file? Is seeing an earlier version.

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If you have 5. Version 5. When displaying a color or shape picker from a dialog box and then switching away from the program using Alt-Tab, returning would not clear this form. Now fixed so that it closes the form when you Alt-Tab away. We accidently added an icon to the MS Project ribbon that was for a feature in progress but not ready for release.


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