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Great question! Depending on your school's Microsoft agreement, it can be free to offer Windows 10 Education to your students. Check out our Windows 10 program page to learn more. Why Politechnika Lodzka stopped being eligible for windows 10 edu? Hi Gustaw, if you can no longer find Microsoft products on your school store, it may be because your school is now part of Microsoft Azure DevTools for Teaching. Due to this, Windows 10 may have been removed from your OnTheHub store.

Oct 28, by sanad fadel on Windows 10 Education hi my name is sanad. Please contact support onthehub. I'm in Seoul National University, and they offer this service. But in the web-site of Uni, they says "the software is used only in Univeristy", not my home. If I use the 10 edu for my own computer, is it ineligible use?

OR there are some other university license - but my uni didn't make - which Students can use for their own computer? Prezi ditches the old conventions of the presentation and exchanges them for an interactive experience. Prezi features a slick suite of templates, design and animation tools, and a zoomable canvas.

The format is meant to make presentations more dynamic in their movement, more interactive in their delivery, and better at highlighting relationships between points. Prezi will help you wow your professors with its next-level animations and presentation style while also giving your resume a boost for marketing or sales. Prezi student discount: Norton Antivirus: If malware exposed all of your computer activity to malicious actors, what would they get? If you use your computer like most people, it could expose your bank login credentials, all of the files you've saved to the cloud, your email login, and a surplus of personal information.

Using your computer unprotected is too much of a risk. Malware sneaks onto your computer in a number of ways—a formerly legitimate Chrome extension gets sold and used to collect your data , or you download a free flashlight app that includes spyware.

Even if you're very careful, attackers are continually developing more sophisticated ways to sneak their way onto your devices. Norton Antivirus helps protect you from malware and viruses, keeping your private data safe, and giving you one less thing to worry about while you're pursuing a degree. Norton Antivirus student discount: Discounts on Software for Subject Area Learning Depending on your course requirements or major, you may need to use subject-specific apps. These apps help you dig deep into the topic at hand, and each one offers a discount to make sure it's an affordable boost.

Wolfram Alpha Pro: Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine—and every student's best friend. Think of it as part search engine and part calculator, with an education-focused knowledge base. You can get information from Wolfram Alpha on just about everything: It's powerful enough that Apple uses it to power many of Siri's answers. Its best subject? Wolfram Alpha Pro is built on Wolfram's Mathematica system , giving you the computational power to design and analyze complex graphics, solve equations, build interactive data visualizations, create your own web apps, and directly download Wolfram Alpha computations and data for use in your own models.

Wolfram Alpha Pro can generate random practice problems for several mathematical disciplines and skill levels, so you can continue to sharpen your skills. On the flip side, if you're having trouble understanding a concept, its step-by-step math solution tool will guide you through your homework, serving as an engaging teacher along the way. Wolfram Alpha Pro student discount: Free for the Basic plan , which includes access to Wolfram's searchable knowledge base.

Need more math power? Rosetta Stone: For a lot of majors, taking a foreign language class is a requirement for graduation.

But many schools offer an option for students to test out of the language requirement by showing mastery of a second language. You may even get credits for taking the class without having to pay full cost for each credit awarded. Rosetta Stone is a market leader in language learning software.

Rosetta Stone student discount: From outlining to drafting to citing your sources, Scrivener is a favorite among writers when it comes to organizing, writing, and revising complicated projects. Scrivener offers core word processing functions as well as a host of other features designed specifically for writers.

With a project "binder" that lets you organize documents in unlimited folders, a custom label and keyword system for outlining and revising, and automated backup paired with a three-keystroke "snapshot" feature that instantly saves old versions of your project, Scrivener is designed to be a comprehensive tool for your entire writing project.

For students in particular, Scrivener offers a thesis template, smart footnotes, and source organization, as well as a feature that lets you store all your research offline right next to your draft. Scrivener student discount: Want to know more about how Scrivener can help you keep your writing more organized? Learn how to jumpstart your next writing project with Scrivener. Undecided on which writing app you should use?

Check out how Ulysses and Scrivener stack up against each other. Discounts on Software that Keeps You Organized and Productive As a student, you're likely juggling assignments from multiple courses, work from a job or internship, and day-to-day responsibilities. If you're feeling overwhelmed, these apps will help you stay on top of your to-do list—and complete each task on your list more quickly and efficiently. When you're juggling a full semester of assignments, tests, and essays, it's easy for things to slip through the cracks.

And when working on group projects, it's hard to make sure everyone pulls their weight. Asana , a popular project management tool, aims to solve these problems for students.

Asana is powerful enough to be central command for your projects while also being flexible enough adapt to your team's specific workflow. It uses a familiar checklist format, along with intuitive collaboration tools that give you a taste of how you'll likely manage teamwork at work once you graduate.

Asana's core tool is already free and sufficient for the needs of most students. But to add value for group projects and student organizations, Asana offers its premium plan for free for up to six months for student groups.

Here's how it works: Sign up for an Asana account with your student email address. Set up an Asana workspace and name it after your project or group.

Invite more than five but fewer than teammates to this workspace. Now you're eligible for Asana's premium plan for students. Need some ideas to get you started? Learn how to track anything with Asana , or discover 12 hidden Asana features you'll want to take advantage of. Asana student discount: Automate Asana with Asana's Zapier integration. Current students and new graduates interested in a software career may also want to check out Asana's university program , which provides internships and entry-level job opportunities at the company.

If you're looking for a way to manage the juggling act that is your college education, OmniFocus is a good place to start. Organize your tasks by date, list, and priority, then sort them with multiple views, filters, and priorities. Group tasks into projects to keep tasks from each class and internship together.

Notes, due dates, context fields, labels, and more help you add layers of organization to your tasks, so you can see what you need to see when you need to see it.

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