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Hello, I have a copy of "Microsoft Office:mac Student and Teacher Edition". On the back of the disc case are the three product keys. Office for Mac is a version of Microsoft Office developed for Mac OS X. It is equivalent to The Student and Teacher Edition cannot be upgraded, which means when a later "Download Microsoft Office for Mac Update". Graduate to Microsoft Office for Mac Student and Teacher Edition and let your intellect shine. Groundbreaking new features in this release can help you.

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Educators overview Transform classroom time and keep the focus on learning Every educator wants to see their students succeed in learning and in life. Microsoft provides technology to create inclusive, student-centered classrooms and learning opportunities for all learners. When the students' experiences are driving the core of why we do what we do, then the meaning is always there. Suzanne Jones, Teacher, Figarden Elementary Better learning outcomes Inclusive, student-centered classrooms increase overall learner success and improve learning outcomes. Create learning environments that empower students to be independent and creative learners, build reading, language and STEM skills, and prepare them for their futures. Enhance student-centered learning Research shows that inclusive, student-centered classrooms lead to overall learner success, and technology can help.

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