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What are your most frequently accessed emails? Maybe they're emails from your boss or certain subjects now where's that TPS report? For any search you perform often, just save the search for quick access.

Click on Search Folders in the left navigation menu, select "New Search Folder," and then either use the wizards or manually customize the search to your specifications. Advertisement 9. Quickly save emails as files.

If you want to save certain emails for posterity, you have a few methods at your disposal. This will save them in Outlook's proprietary. Advertisement You could also use VBA scripts like this and these to automatically or semi-automatically save emails to your local hard drive as individual messages, freeing them from the.

PST or. OST file Outlook keeps them in. Your new search folder appears in the folders pane at the left-hand side of the Outlook window; click on it to see messages meeting your selected conditions.

Right-click and select Rename Folder to give it a convenient name. Automate recurrent tasks with Quick Steps If you find yourself regularly performing a particular task — such as forwarding an incoming email to a colleague, or inviting a group of recipients to a meeting — then Quick Steps can save you time.

Click the dropdown arrow and select New Quick Step to create a custom sequence of actions that can categorise, move, flag and delete messages with a single tap of your mouse. Sort your mail with Rules and Conditional Formatting The Rules dropdown in the Move section of the Home tab provides options to create and manage rules for automatically processing messages as they arrive.

If you select a message before clicking, it will offer to create a rule affecting similar messages. Automatically clear out unneeded messages If you want to save space or tidy up an unwieldy email trail, the Clean Up tool in Outlook and can help. To use Clean Up, click its dropdown on the Home tab and choose whether you want to tidy up a single conversation or a whole folder. Click the Settings button in the alert that opens to choose what sort of messages should be culled and what should be left alone.

Click Add and enter the name of the person or people to whom you want to grant access. Note that your delegate must be using the same version of Outlook as you, and the items you want them to access must be stored on an Exchange server: Manage read receipts Thankfully, Outlook is well-behaved enough to ask permission before sending a read receipt; you can customise its behaviour further by clicking on the File tab, opening Options, selecting the Mail view and scrolling down to the Tracking section.

Here you can choose whether receipts should be sent always, or never, and you can also configure your own receipt request settings. Click Swap Time Zones to easily switch from one location to the other.

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Be honest How many emails are in your Outlook inbox? If you carefully look at the bottom left it tells you.


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