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If the application scenarios are manageable, the cheaper Essentials version is the ideal solution; however, it does come with a number of restrictions. The Windows Server Essentials management interface, known as the dashboard, has not changed since the version. From the dashboard, clients and users can manage the network centrally, even without IT skills Figure 1. The server supports up to 25 user connections and 50 computers. If more are in use, companies need to switch to Windows Server Standard, which does not have a dashboard.

However, the Essentials role, with a dashboard, is available in the Standard and Datacenter editions. If you install the Essentials role on a server running Windows Server Standard or Datacenter, you will not be limited to 25 users and 50 devices. Figure 1: Windows Server Essentials is managed in a dashboard, just like its predecessors.

Compliant Licensing Windows Server R2 introduced the option of installing the Essentials functions as a server service on the Datacenter and Standard editions. The server can have a maximum 64GB of memory. In such a scenario, multiple servers with Windows Server Essentials can be integrated into an existing Active Directory e. Foundation is tied in directly with the hardware, because this edition is only available as an OEM version. However, it does not provide a dashboard. Windows Server does not have a Foundation edition.

If you install the Essentials server role Windows Server Essentials environment in an existing Active Directory AD , you can run the server as a member server. The user accounts of the domain in which you install the server are available in the dashboard. With Windows Server , the restrictions are lifted if you integrate the role as a member server on your network. Windows Server has numerous innovations in terms of storage and networking. However, these innovations are not part of Windows Server Essentials, although Hyper-V is included in Essentials.

You can easily run virtual machines VMs on a server with Essentials and virtualize the server itself. A deduplication function for data has been improved in Windows Server , but it is not available in Essentials. Simply put, this is a Remote Desktop Session Host, formerly Terminal Server, for small businesses or training centers that provides a way for users to connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse directly to the server.

On request, the whole thing can also be operated as a VDI environment. MultiPoint can be used in small networks, also without the need for AD. In this case, you work with local user accounts on the server or with the user accounts in AD with Essentials. The user logs onto the server with these user accounts.

MultiPoint Services does not replace the Essentials role; instead, it is another way to connect users on small networks. In this case, you can log in with your domain account, which also applies for the operation of Essentials. You can use the Remote Desktop Protocol RDP to connect to the server, or you can directly connect the components to the server e. The applications and the desktop that you work with are installed on the MultiPoint Server, as on a Remote Desktop Server.

Cloud Backup and Virus Protection With Windows Server Essentials, small businesses can now back up server data in the cloud automatically and safely. Essentials allows the replication of the entire server to Azure. If the server fails, it can be provided as a VM in Azure. In this case, the clients are connected to Azure VM via a virtual network to Microsoft, which makes sense if companies want to set up high availability for Essentials.

By default, Microsoft integrates in-house virus protection through Windows Defender into Windows Server , which is enabled by default in Essentials and can be configured locally, but not in the dashboard Figure 2.

As with the Standard and Datacenter editions, internal virus protection is disabled if you install an external virus scanner. Figure 2: Windows Defender is integrated into Windows Server

Oct 01,  · Windows Server essentials include Azure Site Recovery Services integration. It is one of the features which makes your virtual machine protected fails. Or there is a possibility for a protected virtual machine run on fails. At that condition, Azure Site Recovery Services maintains business continuity until virtual machine or host server is 4/5(4). Windows Server, Exchange and Office support. Do you want to upgrade an old SBS or server in your office? Or maybe even an SBS or Windows Server R2? We have migration guides to a new environment build on Windows Server or Standard or Essentials + Office or to an on-premise Exchange Server or May 28,  · Free download Windows Server Essentials ISO file with direct link. The Windows server essentials offer a flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use server solution for small businesses with up to 25 users and 50 xbffug.me: Shais.

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It was already written between the lines in my previous post, but I'll write explicitly here in red. Hope we can discuss the problem here without something else disrupting the logical flow. But when I received the server Hyper-V role was enabled but any VM running or configured and any product key to activate a virtual instance of Essentials. I investigated on this topic and, according again to Microsoft [3] [4], I think now that any OEM can design to provide Essentials as a physical instance, as virtual instance or with the option for the final user to choose, but only during the first boot. Because of this, I suppose that Dell choose to provide Essentials only as physical instance, contrary to best practices, without providing any advice on that at the time of order on the web site.

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