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You can run it on different flavors of the Linux operating systems. This feature resumes an online index rebuild operation from where it stopped after events such as database failovers, running out of disk space, or pauses. The following images show an example of this operation: Guidelines for indexing When you perform online index operations, the following guidelines apply: Clustered indexes must be created, rebuilt, or dropped offline when the underlying table contains image, ntext, and text large object LOB data types.

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New Features in SQL Server Management Studio v17

While the spotlight may be focused on SQL on Linux, several new features have been introduced including new DMOs and wait stats in Query Store to help make your life that much easier. Integration Services and Reporting Services were not left out and have some fantastic features as well including high availability and user provided comments. For the developers out there, Python support has been included in the new Machine Learning Services add-on. We here at XTIVIA are thrilled to help you set up and explore any of these new and exciting features as well as those not highlighted in this article. SQL on Linux: For many shops, Linux provides an economical and stable platform for their environment.


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