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TeamViewer 14! When TeamViewer 14 was launched it was described as the new standard for remote control and support. Tom Gainey - 6 months ago Fake ads on Windows 10 apps lure victims Some Windows 10 users are complaining that ads from Microsoft's own apps invite them to use deceptive applications.

These ads would appear in native Windows 10 applications such as the News app. Specifically, these ads are disguised as false warnings that warn users of non-existent security threats We guess not, although someone just has… The Persistence of Chaos, an artwork project, saw a laptop packed with six kinds of dangerous malware.

The laptop was then sold in an online auction — and surprisingly there were a lot of Tom Gainey - 6 months ago Google Maps can help you find the best menu items With Google Translate, Google Earth, and this new feature for Google Maps, Google is rapidly becoming your most important travel companion.

Luckily, Google Maps now has a new feature called Now for something a little more alarming… A new AI experiment has seen the Mona Lisa brought to life. The famous work of art is just one of a host of iconic faces to recently appear in fake videos. While software help big businesses and firms, they do embrace students too! Note that we have tried to include as many free software as possible, considering the target audience being students, but some of them might be shareware or might come with extensive trial.

Credits to KillerTechTips for bringing into light many of these lesser known gems. Connectify — This is the easiest application to use on Android that helps to turn a 3G or 4G enabled phone or Tablet into a Wi-Fi hotspot which is secured with password protection. Google Notebook — It is a free online application from Google that one can make use of storage and organizing all the information that has been collected online. It helps one to make any type of web search even while it is only an extension of Firefox and not an entire program.

It is similar to storing your notebook in Google account. Education Pack — This is a must have no charge app from Microsoft that helps students and teachers alike with all the study material to type, draw and add graphics while learning. Pen Drive Reminder the page is in Spanish, use Google translator — As the name suggests, this app helps a person remember to remove the pen drive from the system.

One can make use of options such as silent mode, alarm mode or the countdown mode.

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Thinkstock For all the popularity of mobile apps and cloud services, the venerable PC continues to be a mainstay of computing today. We've found some pretty cool productivity apps that will substantially improve your Windows desktop experience. TidyTabs If you ever got frustrated tabbing through multiple application windows, then you need to install TidyTabs from Nurgo Software. The lightweight utility lets you organize the desktop by stacking multiple windows together in a tabbed arrangement, even for unrelated applications. This opens the door to grouping applications based on projects worked on, decluttering the desktop and generally keeping things tidy. Brower windows containing their own tabs can be stacked together without messing up their sequence, and can even be renamed to highlight for improved management.


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