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Just about everyone has used or has been introduced to these products. These operating systems are used everywhere for businesses, in schools and for personal use at home. Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key is one of the most known and most used of them all. It followed the operating system Windows Vista, and compared to Vista, Windows 7 gives faster speeds, but it still kept the features that users loved and found valuable.

Also, compared to its predecessor Windows Vista and Windows XP, it runs smoother, and certain elements take up less space on the screen. This solid operating system exhibits little flaws and is still thought to be more popular and successful than others. It is preferred by firms, universities, organizations, and offices because it is the best professional OS on the market.

Plus it has an easy to use interface and is full of many other features. This version of Windows 7 is already activated and was made to be used on particular hardware. Versions like this are usually sold in bulk to hardware manufacturers at lower prices so that the operating system can be bundled with new computers. This edition is not as expensive as others, but there is a price attached to it.

It can be obtained for free, however, if you get a free product key. Here are some of the main features: The operating system was made to perform faster and give a more dependable performance. Management of data is easier and faster. The interface makes it easy for you to find just about anything on the PC.

The overall performance has been enhanced. There are features that allow the user to watch, rewind, pause and record TV. Your desktop is improved with navigation features like Shake, Peek, and Snap. Setting up a wireless and home network is much easier and faster with the HomeGroup element. Internet Explorer 9 has been built in so users can get the best web experience. The taskbar had been redesigned, so it is less cluttered.

It can manage both nonrunning and running programs. With new controls, there are no more unwanted apps overfilling the system tray and unimportant messages causing distractions. Advantages and Disadvantages Of course, everything has their advantage and disadvantage.

Windows 7 and one of its many editions, Home Premium, is a great operating system that benefits many users. But, as with anything else, there may be a few elements or lack thereof that users might not appreciate.

Here are the pros and cons: Pros The performance of the operating system has been greatly enhanced. There are now pinned icons so the user can locate frequently used programs quicker and easier. There are live thumbnails so users can get information or messages about apps without having to open them.

The libraries have been improved. The backup system and quality is even better. With the new controls, there are less interruptions. There are more features that cater to home users. Cons In this version, there is no XP mode. If you want to upgrade, it can be expensive. Features Unique to Windows 7 As you know, there are several editions of Microsoft Windows operating system.

There are some features that are a part of Windows 7 that are not found on its predecessor. The Aero Shake feature allows you to shake and click one window, causing every other window on the desktop to minimize. Aero Snap allows you to pull a window to the edge of any display to automatically resize it. Aero Peek turns open windows transparent to reveal other hidden gadgets and icons when you hover over the taskbar. Aero Themes and Templates- there are fresh themes and backgrounds designed only for Windows 7, and there are additional themes available for free download from Microsoft.

The Action Center let you view alerts so you can manage irritating UAC messages without disabling it. The Device Stage feature allows you to interact with any connected compatible device, and you can see the device status as well as start similar tasks from one window.

For that to work, the connected device has to be compatible. HomeGroup allows you to easily and efficiently make home networks between PCs.

The Jump List allows you to see lists of recent files that were used by right-clicking. The Libraries are set up so you can effortlessly locate, organize documents, pictures, videos, and music that are scattered on the PC and work with them.

The Location Aware Printing feature is great for those who travel between home and office and vice versa. The operating system will remember what printer and network you are using and change the default printer to the one you used last. This feature offers the convenience that any professional could ask for.

Price of Windows 7 home premium 64bit

Where to download a legal copy of Windows 7 Home Premium OEM .iso - Windows 7

Always use the slowest burn speed 4x or 2x if offered a choice. For the past 5 years Microsoft made it quite easy for users of the Windows 7 operating system to obtain reinstall media. If you lost your retail installation disc or recovery media; either it was damaged or faulty; you could download a copy of the edition you have a license for from an affiliate website named Digital River. Most recently, Microsoft ended availability of reinstall media which you could download as a. ISO file which is a digital replica of a optical disc. This was especially handy for persons who could not easily obtain recovery media from the manufacturer, did not want to pay the cost required to obtain it or preferred a clean configuration without the manufacturers bundled software or even a non-functional recovery partition.


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