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Along with this news, Microsoft has also delineated how Windows Server will be serviced going forward. This continues with Windows Server as well, the only difference being the nomenclature. Datacenter Edition: Donning all the basic capabilities of Windows Server, this edition will provide substantial efficacy to the Organization with a requirement for unlimited virtualization coupled with robust new features. Standard Edition:

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In an instant, Windows Server licensing went from processor-based to core-based. In our previous post in this series , we covered three basic rules for core-based licensing, the differences between the Standard and Datacenter versions, and the process of stacking Standard licenses to get permission to run additional VMs. In this post, we will talk pricing. How much is this going to cost? How is it packaged? And at what point is Datacenter cheaper than Standard? Unfortunately, the answer is not simple.


Windows Server 2016 Licensing Simplified

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